Sunday, July 31, 2011

There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home...

No matter how old I get or how long I live in Washington state, I will always think of Florida as home. As soon as I step off the plane and feel beads of sweat come over my brow, I know that I am home... The heat does hit you like a brick wall and it tends to be a little annoying when visiting in the Fall or Winter months when you expect cooler weather but in the Summer, especially this Summer, I cannot wait for it! I welcome being hit over and over by that brick wall of heat, sunshine, and even the humidity! And of course seeing my family is what this trip is all about along with the chance to get away and relax.

We are days away from boarding Alaska Airlines Flight 18 from SEA to MCO. Am so excited but also a little overwhelmed with all that I have to wrap-up, pack-up, and set-up before we escape the land of clouds and gloom for blue skies and sunshine, albeit humid, but I can deal with that. Although yesterday was absolutely beautiful and this upcoming week is supposed to be just as fabulous. The KING5 forecast is predicting sunshine and upper 70s all week, and honestly there is no place like the northwest in the summer time when it is actually summertime. 

We will begin the all consuming task of packing today, getting as organized as we can before we leave bright and early on Wednesday morning. Considering Scott and I both have two full days of work on Monday and Tuesday, this may be the only day we have to really get this done. It's incredible the amount of "stuff" a family of four must pack/take while on vacation... In our case we will have 2 giant suitcases, 2 med-large suitcases, 2 strollers (1 sit-n-stand for both boys and 1 umbrella stroller; although we may opt for the Bob, still undecided), 2 car seats with carry bags, 3 carry on bags (toys, DVDs, iPad, laptop, extra clothes, books, crayons, etc...), 1 diaper bag, and 1 purse. And, this is our version of traveling light...

Whew, I'm overwhelmed just reading this quick list of all we will be taking with us as I know all that will go into these suitcases and bags and we haven't even started packing yet...And, I am a little grumpy, too, due to a 3 a.m. wake-up call from Colby on the baby monitor. He finally went back to sleep at 3:30 a.m. only to wake up around 4:30 bright-eyed and ready to begin his day. He's now sleeping (which took approx. 1 hr 45 mins. to get him down with Scott and me trading off at least 4x before he finally went down for his morning nap.... I think he's teething and fighting a little chest cold. I hope it doesn't turn into anything. The saving grace to the start of this day has been Chase, believe it or not. He woke up in a great mood and has really been wonderful all morning. I love it when he wakes up and is not fussy or moody or stubborn. It happens more often then you'd expect especially when he does not have to go to school. Although this morning he said, "Mama, today I don't have to go to school but tomorrow I do. I like to go to school, Mama."

Well, this post isn't too exciting but a quick update of sorts... now I better get to it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Florida on my mind...

The McDaniel Family is headed to Florida in the next few weeks and I cannot wait! I am so excited to spend just over two weeks in the SUNSHINE state! I have almost forgotten completely what it is like to wake up to a sunny day and have the sunshine all day long, not to mention consistent warm weather. We have had a few of those amazingly sunny northwest summer days but I can count on one hand just how many. And, it is starting to really depress me.... so a look on the bright side.... Florida here we come!

I'm very excited to see my parents, siblings, grandparents and old friends. Also, we will be there on Colby's birthday and are planning a little party for him. We haven't celebrated a birthday there in awhile and this one will be extra special because it is Colby's first. I can't wait to take Colby to the beach, he is going to absolutely love it! Especially swimming in the pool! He is my little fish and LOVES to be in the water. He loves to splash and kick and scoot around in the water... He's not afraid or timid at all like his big brother. We will try to be swimming as much as we can while we are there I'm sure. I also want Chase to get more comfortable, too. 

Chase will have a blast helping Gram with yard work and watering and planting flowers in her garden. Chase is also beginning to love to fish so we will probably do some fishing, too. I am also hoping to plan a trip to see Mickey Mouse but that isn't quite set yet. We're still up in the air as to whether it will be worth it with both boys so young, but I know that Chase would absolutely love it. Whenever we see a Disney movie and we see Cinderella's castle during the intro, he always says, "There's Gram & GrandPops' castle! That's where Gram & GrandPops' live!" It would be so fun for him to see the castle in person not to mention all the really amazing experiences there for kids! Chase isn't too into Mickey Mouse and I guess I really want him to "get it" and be excited when we go but maybe we should just go for it and stop thinking too much about it... I'm sure we will have many opportunities to visit again, especially since Gram and GrandPops live in the castle! :)

Lots to do and plan.... not so hard to do on this gloomy, rainy northwest day that feels like a day in February!! ugh. Dreaming of blue skies, sunshine, palm trees, sand covered beaches, sun tan lotion, mickey mouse, fishing poles, swimming pools, family and friends we haven't seen in awhile and all that is Florida!