Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's Been Awhile....

It HAS been awhile that is for sure... over two years since my last post. wow. I will not even attempt to do a catch up but rather just jump back in. I can't even begin to remember what life was all about back in May 2012... but I bet I can guess like most working moms out there life was hectic, chaotic and I was running myself ragged trying to balance full-time work, my boys (all three of them!), etc... thus the lack of free time to write. Life is surely different now. I'm grateful for that more than I can say.

Our decision this summer to regroup, simplify and go back to our "roots" if you will has been such a blessing for may reasons. There's a saying that some things just work out for the best or something like that and that is so true for us. I will admit there were many sleepless nights debating our decision to sell our "dream house," move our family from our home to a brand new town, although not new to us it would be new to Chase and Colby, a brand new school, new neighborhood, new friends, and begin an almost new life. But sometimes you just gotta take a chance and let everything else fall into place.  Of course, C&C are young enough that the move was definitely doable and without much resistance. To our surprise and much delight, Chase, was most excited about starting a new school and meeting new friends even though he had a wonderful year in Kindergarten he was up for new adventure.... Colby was also excited about moving to the "Blue House" and going to "Momma' School."

It's funny how a glass of wine (or two, or three...) and a truly honest conversation with your husband about what you want out of life for you, him, your kids can totally change your life in a matter of weeks. And, a lot of guts to dive in and take on a few risks.

I've never thought of myself as a stay-at-home-mom. Never thought I'd have the opportunity to take on that role for our family but it was time for me to pony up and see if I have what it takes. Seriously, it's not at all that I haven't had respect for all the stay at home moms out there, I just didn't think I could do it and do it well. Frankly, it terrified me a bit. Working and being in a professional environment was almost a relief even though it came with a huge amount of guilt came every day I would drop the boys off at daycare. I truly believed, and still do as I'm only a few weeks in, that my boys were learning way more from professionals at daycare and preschool than they would with me at home... But, it was time to let go of a job that was unfulfilling, demanding, and not providing the growth I needed and decide where I wanted to focus the precious minutes, hours, days I have here on this earth. Of course, many factors came into play with this life change and deciding to downsize significantly and move back into our first house (all 1,495 sq. ft. of it!) was probably the most difficult part of it all. But, I'm happy to report the whole process has been quite rewarding and therapeutic actually. There's just something about purging and getting rid of all your crap that is just amazing! And, most importantly what we had hoped would happen our dream really and the entire reason that we chose to change our lives is happening albeit we've only been moved and together in the house for about 4 weeks, we're already spending more time together rather than in separate rooms at opposite ends of the house and enjoying more home cooked family meals rather than going out EVERY night is already our new routine. It has been very worth it.

So I suppose I recapped a bit.. and now must refocus my energy on my four year old who has finished up with his "letter of the day" worksheets and has found my label maker (btw, I LOVE my label maker!!! It is sacred!) and is making a ton of labels like GUHHY and YUY5WT9IPKHT))i7RFWQRSA.... Ugh!

More to come..... glad to be back at it!

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